by Dom Wiseman

Quintrex have once again announced their Best Dealership awards across Australia, with Streaker Marine, based in Victoria, taking out the top honours for the Quintrex National Dealer of the Year Award and the Quintrex Sales Excellence Award for 2016-2017.

A proud family owned and operatedAustralian business, Streaker Marine has been in operation since 1993, run by the Savage family and has now been passed down through two generations. Selling Quintrex boats since 2005, Streaker Marine have previously taken out the top honour in 2010 and 2011, clearly demonstrating their passion for the industry and their commitment to customer service.

After receiving the honours, Sean Savage, leader of the Streaker team, put the success down to simple and honest customer service.

‘Customer service is number one for us and after 44 years of being a retailer and manufacturer our reputation keeps growing’.

Not only customer service but Mr Savage recognised the importance of small businesses keeping up with the ever changing, fast paced world of technology and embracing up-to-the-minute digital sphere.

‘We have had huge growth in 2016 and 2017 due to a young sales team that have embraced the digital world we live in and where the customer is number one,’ Sean said.

Sean accredited the entire Streaker team to the two significant wins, acknowledging in particular that, the Sales Excellence award was a full team effort.

‘We strive to represent the best products as professionally as possible and make sure our service department has the highest customer satisfaction in the country,’ Sean said.

Drew Jackson, the Account Manager of the Quintrex team in Victoria spoke enthusiastically of the Streaker Marine team and their deserving win, commenting that quality of customer service, the presentation and running of the dealership and the sales records to match, made Streaker Marine the worthy victor.

‘Streaker Marine has a designated beach themed delivery area inside their showroom complete with a jetty to enter the boat where customers can get an awesome photo with their new purchase.

‘The new owners then receive champagne, chocolates, hats, keyrings, a Quintrex wash kit and a personalised plaque is adhered to the dash embossed with the customer’s name.

‘If that’s not enough, all deliveries are offered a half day on water experience; It’s added touches like this that exemplify Streaker Marine’s exceptional customer service,’ Drew said.