by Dom Wiseman

Quintrex has been at the top of the Australian boating psyche for over 75 years and without doubt the Explorer range have been instrumental to their success. This affordable range is often the starting point for many customers and an ideal first boat for anyone looking for something with a little versatility.

The Explorer range encompasses boats as small as 2.5m all the way to 4.4m with punt style, traditional style and car toppers available. With the introduction of the new Outback Explorer even more options are available. These new models are bigger, better and bolder and feature a new design that increases freeboard and more space. As the name suggests these are the ideal getaway vehicle for owners both hitting the road or looking for a better ride.


“The Quintrex small boat factory and research and development team worked jointly on the new models to produce a new product that had many requests from the dealer network and customers alike.” said Quintrex Account Manager Drew Jackson

“The Outback Explorers offer increased internal room plus a bigger beam, but one of the real selling points is the massively increased freeboard in these boats.”

The new design employs the F series pickle fork bow which increases internal space by keeping the boats width running well forward opposed to what is achievable in a standard bow design. In addition the use of the bow allows for an increased depth internally, higher sides and a steeper deadrise. The higher topsides are particularly useful for anyone looking for manageable higher sided boat for rivers or billabongs where crocodiles are found.

There are three models available in the Outback Explorer

350 Outback Explorer


This is the smallest boat in the range and weighs in at 81 kilograms. It has 80mm higher sides than an equivalent  standard construction.

370 Outback Explorer



More deadrise and a smooth ride, the 370 weighs 92 kilograms. 135mm higher topsides create more safety onboard

390 Outback Explorer



The largest in the range weighing in at 116 kilograms. Topsides are 100m higher than other designs and a 1.82m beam delivers a truly stable boat.