by Dom Wiseman

Everyone loves the thrill of getting a gift but what do you get the boat owner who already has everything? Rivaboutique has the solution. It is the online store of the iconic Riva boat company and has a range of refined gift accessories that encapsulate the personality of the brand.

The collection contains a wide range of products with a gift idea for everyone from key rings to iconic garments drawing inspiration from the brands distinctive style. Household furnishings using the iconic colours of Riva to tech accessories that embody the refined taste of those that live and breath the Riva lifestyle.

Like the boats, all products use high quality materials with some collaborations that capture the meticulous attention to detail that has always been a hallmark of Riva boats.

Some notable collaborations are the Riva Espresso Cups and Mugs which are a joint project with Villeroy and Bosch. They add style and sophistication to any on board coffee break or even at home. The mugs come with a lifetime warranty and both the Cups and Mugs come as a pair.

There is a host of clothing from polo shirts, caps, cushion and scarves that utilise the distinctive aquamarine colouring throughout. The men’s polo shirt is white with aquamarine highlights while the women’s polo is the opposite. The scarf is made of high quality silk and features a motif of the Riva parade.

Furniture also features with chairs available featuring beautiful timber finishes with chrome frames. There is a standard chair and a stool available. The timber is mahogany and upholstery is high quality Mambo fabric used on the exterior seating of the boats. Two tables are also available featuring the iconic Riva moniker in the centre. Available in round or square, they reproduce the mahogany pinstripe finish used on the decks of the boats.

There are also boat and truck models, phone and ipad covers and a beautiful table lamp modeled off the search lights used on Riva boats in the 60s.

The website is based in Italy at