by Dom Wiseman

Last week, the Gold Coast International Boat Show and Marine Expo announced its cancellation. Critically, Riviera was one of the corner stone exhibitors at the event and now news follows that they will revert to their own in-house Festival of Boating for Belize and Riviera coinciding with the established Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May.

The Queensland luxury boat builder will run the event over four days from May 24-28 2018 at the company’s factory in Coomera on the Gold Coast. Just like the event which ran in conjunction with the Gold Coast Marine Expo, prospective buyers and fans will be offered the chance to attend workshops promoting safety. Programmes such as the successful Ladies Skipper Program, safe towing and anchoring, understanding the weather, offshore seamanship and understanding navigation will again be offered.

“The Festival of Boating was created for Riviera and Belize owners to help them realise their full boating potential,” said Riviera’s owner and chairman Rodney Longhurst.

“We also welcome those who seek to join our Riviera family of owners and enjoy the best of motor yacht ownership.

“Whether you are investigating the incredible lifestyle of luxury motor yacht ownership or you have been enjoying boating all your life, everyone will discover something new and valuable at the 2018 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating.”

As per previous years, there is an opportunity to step onto boats across both brands as well as the chance to take a guided tour of the Riviera facility. This is a rare opportunity to see how one of Australia’s best known brands builds and designs their boats for the local and international market. The event will culminate with a Saturday marina cocktail and gala event.

You can register for the event at