by Dom Wiseman

Robalo are one of the world’s iconic fishing boat brands. This year they turn 50 and are celebrating with price drops and free extra which means the consumer is the winner.

Robalo Boats are renowned worldwide for building high quality, innovative fishing machines. They have been credited with creating the first ‘unsinkable hull’, the first production T-Top and the first to use Kevlar in their construction. They are also number one in the U.S. centre console market for 18 to 32 footers. Currently holding top spot in market share. They have recieved the coveted National Marine Manufacturers Association customer satisfaction awards for 10 years straight.

“All Robalo’s start life as a fishing boat with standard features such as ultra soft hydro lift hulls, self draining decks, live bait tanks, bronze through hulls, rod holders and storage, big fish boxes, tinned wiring and extended fuel capacities. But in today’s boating world, Robalo also lead the field in crossover design, to ensure every owner can enjoy their boat no-matter what the day brings. Family and Fun are always on the agenda right there alongside Fishing.”

Scott O’Hare from Robalo Australia said.

“We have a huge following for our boats in Australia. I think people would be surprised how many are out there after 50 years of building great boats. I would love to hear from all of the Robalo owners around Australia, post your pics and stories on the ‘Robalo Boats Australia’ Facebook page for a chance to receive prizes and gifts.  You are all part of Robalo Nation and we want to know who you are and what your boats have done.” he said.

Robalo will have 50th birthday specials across the entire range, from the amazing R160 Centre Console, to the flagship R317 Dual Console Bowrider, Cayman Bay Boats and legendary R305 Walkaround.