by Dom Wiseman

The brand-new ROKK waterproof wireless charger range has been launched by Scanstrut in what is the world’s first 12v / 24v waterproof wireless charger range.

scanstrutrokkwirelessyachtbannerlayout-fb78db7eaf4fc23d5af88a7ee0d158d2The IPX6 waterproof 12-24V Qi certified waterproof wireless charging range enables fast charge technology for the outdoor environment. The charger range simplifies keeping your phone and gadgets charged out on the water, without the need for phone charging cables.

Designed specifically for use on board, the ROKK waterproof wireless charger range has been created from scratch using unique technology that is housed in an IPX6, full encapsulated and sealed unit. Working directly with 12-24V systems, the range has been created for those who spend a great deal of time on the water and is perfect for sail and power boats and also RV.

ROKK Wireless has been independently certified and exceeds the latest and highest standards of the Qi wireless protocol. The Qi compatibility denotes that the technology uses inductive charging which allows for universal charging for every compatible device. The technology is super safe, fast charging and can be placed anywhere on board. The unit also works with most slimline phone cases up to 5mm.

Made from marine grade materials, the range has three easy installation possibilities. The unit is available in hidden, surface and bezel installation options. The hidden option was designed to be installed out of view, leaving your top-surface neat and organised. Compatible with GRP or wood, the charging unit can be installed on a variety of surfaces and materials.

The surface installation option comes with a low-profile, flush-mounted charge pad with a high friction non-slip surface. The unit is designed to fit any smooth surface throughout your vessel. The Bezel installation option is the simplest installation option available. This option also includes the high friction non-slip pad but is an even simpler installation process. Simply drill a 10mm cable access hole and you’re ready to go.



The ROKK waterproof wireless charger range is another efficient design innovation from Scanstrut, the leaders in outdoor technology.