by Dom Wiseman

The joy and sensation of sailing has become more and more accessible over the last few years. And more popular. Following the success of the Tiwal 3, which sold across 45 countries, French manufacturer Tiwal, launched their brand-new inflatable dinghy, the Tiwal 2, at the 50th anniversary of Boot Dusseldorf, the Dusseldorf Boat Show.

Although the inflatable dinghy can be equally and easily transported by car and used direct from the shore, the Tiwal 2 was specifically designed to bring along on cruising yachts. Even lighter and more compact than the Tiwal 3, the 2 is ready to set sail in under 15 minutes and can be easily assembled and launched from the deck. The elimination of any maintenance costs also adds to the accessibility and usability of the inflatable boat.

Tiwal transport-sailboat-loads-yacht

Measuring 2.8 metres, with a sail of 5.6 square metres, and weighing a combined 40 kilograms, the Tiwal 2 can carry up to one adult and one child and slips nicely into two bags for super easy stowage in a locker.

Designed and developed by Tiwal designer, Marion Excoffon, the Tiwal 2 was inspired by her desire to create an inflatable dinghy that she could take on board her own yacht and enjoy zipping off and exploring with her daughter.

“I wanted a super-compact sailing dinghy boat to carry with us on holiday on our family’s First 30. With the Tiwal 2, I can continue to sail during stopovers, even when the wind picks up”, stated Excoffon.

The dinghy is easy for beginners and still lots of fun for those with loads of experience, responsive in winds up to 15-20 knots. When fully inflated, the V-shaped hull is very stiff and with the inflatable side wings design, the boat is easy to navigate and lots of fun.