by Dom Wiseman

SeaStar Solution have released their new XTreme Series top mount control which they claim has unequalled ergonomics and is more advanced than any other control on the market. The unit features a tall squared off looking handle which is said to deliver a shapely, balanced handle providing an incredibly smooth yet positive feel. There is a drag adjustment on all models to ensure the user can have just the right amount of resistance on the water.

They include neutral throttle warm-up and start-in-gear protection across all the XTreme models. Power trim/tilt is offered as an option. In addition the controls can be configured to many tastes and are suitable for use with both 3300/33C universal or OEM type control cables without the need for additional adaptors. The handle is on the left side of the bezel.

The controller can be used with single and dual engine installations and even dual station set-ups with the additional DS unit. SeaStar claim an easy installation and set-up for the XTreme controllers with all design and assembly occurring in the U.S.