by Dom Wiseman

Have you ever wanter to feel like you’re riding on air? Thanks to the new Shockwave S5, you can. This great new product offers boaters an affordable solution to that constant banging on long runs offshore. The Shockwave S5 uses marine suspension technology to protect occupants from the constant impact of the boat on waves and chop.

The technology has been tested and used for years by military clients. As a result of this closed market, we have seen some of these units upwards of $30,000 but the Shockwave S5 is about 15 times cheaper making it a legitimate option for trailerboat owners.

The S5 is redefining the standard of marine suspension seats. This new suspension module allows boaters to be better protected from the shock of wave impact. The S5 fits on virtually any boat and seat, allowing boaters of any size or design to benefit from suspension seating on the water.

The construction is simple and employs minimal parts to offer longevity in a marine environment. The units itself is light too, weighing 9 kilograms. The Aluminium and stainless construction are built for the water and the unit is available in white or black. Designed and manufactured in Canada, it is fully adjustable for all payloads and sea conditions.

It comes with a 3 year recreational warranty and 1 year commercial.