by Dom Wiseman

Simrad, the leading marine electronics company for over 60 years now, have announced the release of the Simrad NAIS 500 transponder, a fully integrated, Class-B Automatic Identification System (AIS), designed to avoid boating collisions and specifically necessary for navigating exceptionally busy waterways, ports, shipping lanes and marinas.

The advantages of the Simrad NAIS 500 transponder are numerous, including its compact and lightweight form, weighing a petite 250 grams, drawing exceptionally low power of 180 mA at 12 VDCand is 100% waterproof, meeting IPX7 standards. Comprising a GPS-500 receiver, the NAIS 500 meets the strict regulations set for Class-B AIS transponders and using your navigational data, emits a signal to surrounding vessels with your GPS location. Equally, the data and GPS locations of surrounding vessels are transmitted to your NAIS 500 transponder, which plots these signals for you on your display, so that you can carefully consider your next manoeuvre and avoid any potential collisions.  As a fully integrated system, the Simrad NAIS 500 functions with your chartplotter, multifunction display and your marine VHF radio.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico stated, “Identifying ships that are heading towards you is almost as important as knowing where you are and is vital to safe passage. With current regulations, most commercial ships are required to have AIS onboard. The NAIS 500 works with Simrad chartplotters and multifunction displays to provide boaters with the peace of mind that, regardless of the sea conditions, they will be visible to any traffic in the area.”

The NAIS 500 is perfect for powerboats and sailing boats alike and is a water safety must for those boat lovers who take their beloved vessels through congested waterways, ports, shipping lanes and marinas. The Simrad NAIS 500 promotes and aids safe boating for you, your family and your friends.