by Dom Wiseman

Simrad have released an ambitious radar design in announcing Simrad HALO24. They claim it is an innovation in pulse compression radar combining the performance and reliability of Simrad’s award-winning radars with the advantages of innovative technology, a new profile and lightweight design.

Halo 24 boasts 60-rpm high-speed rotation at distances up to 2 nautical miles. An industry first. The Simrad HALO24 dome radar allows for increased safety and improved performance. It has an extremely fast refresh rate, excellent for high speed and short-range tracking and particularly useful for search and rescue and law enforcement vessels. The units offers high quality short, mid, and long-range detection capability, up to 48 nautical miles. The units can process multiple ranges simultaneously for advanced, instantaneous Dual Range performance.

In addition, the radar features Simrad VelocityTrack Doppler technology. It is able to provide instant visual feedback on the motion of radar targets in relation to the boat. It colour codes approaching vessels for high visibility while de-emphasizing diverging or non threatening targets, as well as MARPA functionality, increasing situational awareness and decreasing the risk of collision.

“The HALO24 dome radar was designed with the latest innovations in radar technology,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico Group. “With our products, it’s vital that we offer something that no one else has—with the HALO24, boaters will get unparalleled radar speeds, an easy user experience with multiple viewing modes, and an advanced feeling of safety with all potential hazards visible on screen.”

Halo 24 is set to be the lightest 24-inch Pulse Compression radar dome on the market. Using the same mounts as previous units, the low profile dome offers different power-level options ensuring high-speed radar coverage when and where it is needed. In a matter of seconds, the radar will boot from low-power standby to full functionality in any mode—harbour, offshore, weather, and bird. Incredibly easy to use, the radar will optimize up to 18 different parameters for each pre-defined mode ensuring the ultimate view.

An Ethernet-connected Simrad multifunction display or radar control unit is required for operation, and a heading sensor and GPS receiver are required for MARPA target tracking.