by Dom Wiseman

Simrad Yachting has released a new software update for NSS evo3, NSS evo2, NSO evo2 and GO Series displays that includes sonar enhancements, C-MAP® charting improvements and touchscreen control of MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motors.

The crux of the release is what they call FishReveal which makes it easier to see fish on DownScan Imaging. There are also improvements to StructureScan 3D and StructureScan HD. A new C-MAP  navigation palette and support for touchscreen control of MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motors.

FishReveal Smart Target Viewing

FishReveal is technology that allows anglers to quickly and easily discover how fish orient themselves in and around cover and structure using clearly defined fish arches. Until now traditional CHIRP Sonar could show strong fish targets but lacked refined structure detail. DownScan Imaging could display photo-like images of bottom and structure but showed fish as tiny dots.  FishRevea automatically combines the best data from both technologies, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation.

Enhanced Sonar Imaging

Enhanced Sonar Imaging delivers industry-leading clarity and range, with near-photographic images to each side and below your boat. The update allows the unit to produce richer images better detail and contrast. The imaging enhancements automatically increase brightness in darker areas, while simultaneously preventing overexposure in brighter areas. This extends the visible range, making it possible to see what is in the shadows close to the boat or more than 100 feet away.

C-MAP Navigation Palette

The chart update for C-MAP is most apparent near shore. Colours used for land, docks, anchorage areas, water, and channels are more distinct making it easier to determine what you are looking at. It also translates to better channel, navaid, ledges and drop-offs, or a point of land recognition

MotorGuide Xi5 Trolling Motor Control

You can now control the Xi5 trolling motor* from the touchscreen of your Simrad display. It’s now easier to maintain position or navigate without leaving the helm. You can navigate to cursor, a specific heading, waypoint, along a route, or pre-set turn pattern. This update excludes GO7 displays