by Dom Wiseman

Stacer has released a new line-up of boats boasting a new design, new models and a host of changes across the board including some rationalisation of the previous range.

The biggest change is the addition of the new Revolution Hull. Telwater are well known for their advancements in hull design already developing the Apex hull seen on their Quintrex range. They say the new hull builds on the Barra and Assault Pro hulls. It features a concave bottom design, EVO advance pressing and a raised chine. From what we have seen, these boats display a smoother ride and improved stability under way and at rest. It will be available on the Sea Master, Crossfire, Wildrider and Assault Pro.

Other changes include smooth side sheets, fully welded side decks, and basic flotation across the full range. Stacer has also increased the bottom and side sheet thickness. This is part of the reason these hulls perform so well with a much more robust and stiff construction aiding the ride smoothness.

The existing range has also been tightened up. There is a new Crossfire model that combines the Nomad and Crossfire platforms. The Sea Way and Bay Master combine and will now be known as the Sea Master range. And finally, the Nomad and Sea Ranger will now be known as the Sea Ranger only.

The Territory is the perfect entry to Stacer’s range and is a usable open tiller steer tinnie design. The new hull means that this boat is now up to 160mm deeper than previous models and wider. It is also softer riding and while adding rigidity and space, remain light enough to be considered as a car topper in the smaller sizes. It will be available in 349, 369 and 389 models.

349 Territory Striker Lifestyle (2)

Moving up the range, the Assault Pro Tournament is the new step up and delivers a little luxury and refinement to the basic tinnie. There are new sizes, 469, 509 and 520 and this package adds the revolution hull, extended casting platform at the bow and a bow thruster bracket standard. You can option up with rod lockers and even twin consoles in the larger models. This will be a great tournament platform.

Stacer Assault Pro 469

Those looking for a larger fishing and family friendly platform with tonnes of room can choose from the Crossfire range of side and centre console boats. Starting with a 469, they go all the way to a 589 model which is close to the 6 metre mark. Stacer have built increased freeboard in this model as well the new fully welded side decks. There is an alloy live well with glass viewing window for keen anglers and plenty of underfloor storage. You can option up with a raised platform for the fishing version, room for a 100 litre esky and a ski pole and cutting board assembly.

The family favourite will definitely be the Sea Master range that is a capable offshore and inshore platform. Occupants are protected behind a curved glass windscreen and there is still plenty of space and versatility for fishing or water sports. A rear bench seat is simple yet accommodating while the anchor is accessed via a swing-away centre windscreen panel. For those looking for even more space try the Wild Rider models that are a bow rider configuration.

Sea Master 429

In the plate boats, the Sea Ranger and Ocean Ranger models remain. The Sea Rangers add side console models in 499, 529 and 559 sizes and centre consoles in 499 529, 559, 659 and 709 models.

They feature a self-draining floor, live well, kill tanks and space for eskies.