by Steve Lague

Finding the right floor covering for your boat can be quite a challenge, especially if you use it for fishing. Ideally you want a surface that is hard-wearing, easy to clean and most importantly, won’t get slippery when wet. At the same time, you don’t want anything that is going to be too hot or too hard underfoot.

One product that fits that bill is cork. While it is generally an expensive solution there is one product that has been on the market for a few years now that is more affordable. SecuTred, made by Stazo, is a high-performance composite cork sheet that you can lay yourself. It is made from cork granules and a synthetic binder. The result is a non-slip floor that is durable, flexible and most importantly UV resistant. Stazo says it also has been extensively tested in salt water conditions and is fully water resistant, so won’t stain. Maintenance of the floor is as simple as giving it a wash with fresh water and normal household detergent. If it is dirty you can give it a scrub with a bristle broom.

SecuTred does not need to be sealed or coated with anything but it will fade from a honey brown to a sand beige colour if constantly exposed to the sun.


SecuTred is available in sheets that are 2.5mm thick and measure 1880mm x 500mm and can be easily cut with a trimming knife or scissors. Once cut simply give the edges a touch up with sandpaper to create a nicely rounded look.

It is recommended you use paper templates to map out how you want the floor to look before you start cutting the cork sheets. The idea here is to also try and cut them with as little waste as possible so don’t be frightened to play around with a few different designs.

Once you have cut out the templates they should also be used to apply the glue to the floor of the boat. A Bostik construction adhesive or neoprene contact adhesive is recommended. Apply the glue to the template first and then lay the template on the floor, when you have it in the right position lift the paper off and stick the cork to the floor. Once the cork is in place use a roller to press the pads firmly to the surface.

SecuTred is available through AMI Australia and is priced at $173 per sheet, which equates to $185 per square metre. For more information on the product and where it is available visit the AMI website.