by Dom Wiseman

The most powerful Verado has hit our waters, with Mercury Marine recently launching the brand new 400hp Verado outboard motor.

Answering the call of boat owners around the country, Mercury have introduced a 400hp four-stroke outboard engine. Boat owners were particularly interested in a Verado branded higher horsepower Verado engine and their voices have been heard and heeded.

“The acceptance of the 350 hp Verado has been incredible and through extensive conversations with our customers around the world, we have learned that there is an appetite in the marketplace for a Verado-branded 400hp four-stroke outboard engine,” said John Pfeifer, Mercury Marine president.

“As boats continue to increase in size, so has the need for more power. This gives us an opportunity to provide an even higher horsepower Verado, providing the durability and reliability that the Verado brand is known for around the world.”

The 400hp Verado is the lightest outboard in the 400+ HP category by more than 130 kg, weighing 303 kilograms. Whilst the engine might have some extra push, it is just as smooth and quiet as other Verado outboards.

The 400 hp engine has been built on Mercury’s proven L6SC Verado platform and can be partnered with fishing boats, larger sport boats, centre consoles and pontoons.

The 400hp Verado will exclusively use the 5.44” 1.75 HD (heavy duty) gearcase and is compatible with Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards. The outboard is available in Phantom Black and Cold Fusion colours.

With a 3+3, 6 year outboard warranty, Mercury is clearly 100% confident in the 400hp Verado. The additional 3 years provides owners with factory-backed protection against failures caused by defects in material or production. The Mercury Racing 400R is available through the dedicated Mercury Racing dealer network.

“The introduction of the 400hp Verado is another step in the evolution of the proven L6SC platform that has been successful in the market and we expect to be successful for years to come,” said Mr Pfeifer. “Through extensive consumer research, we have determined that there is a market for both variations of the 400, giving consumers the opportunity to have two extremely reliable outboards to choose from based on their preference.”