by Steve Lague

Sharks have been a hot topic of conversation in Australia over the past 12 months with five people killed and many more seriously injured in attacks during this time. The number of shark sightings within a kilometre of our shores has also increased 10-fold causing many people to think twice before swimming in the ocean. And with summer just around the corner the debate between conservationists and those demanding the Government come up with a way of protecting the public is sure to re-ignite.
A WA couple has come up with a solution that will provide boaties some safeguards against attack while swimming in their favourite bay or anchorage. And they will be launching it at the Mandurah Boat Show, which starts on October 9, just ahead of the boating season.
The Swimsure is a portable swimming enclosure that creates a barrier between the people in the enclosure and any marine predators that may be in the area. swimsure-deployment The enclosure is constructed using state-of-the-art marine barrier technology developed by Global Marine Enclosure, the company that designed large-scale marine barriers for permanent deployment at public beaches. The Swimsure enclosure uses this unique frame panel technology as a first line of defence against unwanted intruders. The barriers are attached to an inflatable tube, made from commercial strength polyurethane (PU) and can be attached to the side or back of your boat. It can also be attached to a jetty.
The swimming enclosure is currently available in two sizes 4m x 4m, which costs $12,000 and will be on display at the show, or 3m x 3m, which is priced at $9000. It also can be custom made to any size. All models are 1.6m deep as standard but can be ordered to any depth. The 4m x 4m model folds down to 1.5m x 1.5m and fits into a carry bag. It can be deployed and retrieved using a davit or by hand. It also comes with an electric compressor to pump up and deflate the tubes, and a rope ladder to make getting out of the enclosure easier.