by Dom Wiseman

Cleaning time has halved for Sydney marine facility, Francis Marine. The yard has proudly attributed the outstanding results they have experienced, to the Torrent 500 parts cleaner system. Located at Akuna Bay in Sydney, Francis Marine has been very satisfied with the results of the new parts cleaner system, supplied by NCH Australia, part of the global NCH Corporation.

In operation since 1962, Francis Marine is located at d’Albora Marina at Sydney’s stunning Akuna Bay. The team provides a range of marine maintenance services, with a hard stand facility capable of managing vessels up to 65ft in length and weighing up to 27 tonnes.

The Francis Marine yard selected the Torrent 500, as it was known to be an efficient, easy-to-use and safe solution to parts cleaning. The cleaning system is a fully-integrated and enclosed unit and protects employees at the yard from direct contact with cleaning solutions. It is a water-based solution, with no organic solvents involved. No noxious fumes are a bi-product and hazardous waste is drastically reduced. It was important for the yard to find a solution that provided a safer working environment and one that was better for the beautiful environment that surrounds them.

The Torrent 500 system uses a combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry and is designed to clean most marine parts in a minute, five times faster than automatic machines.

“We calibrate the cleaning solution for the specific needs of every client,” said Renos Mythillos, regional manager of NCH Torrent Asia. “For Francis Marine, it was tailored to the specific needs of marine engineers and boat builders, and powerful corrosion inhibitors make the system suitable for all marine metals and materials.”

“We’re proud to have brought this system to the marine industry by working with Francis Marine,” said Mythillos. “On our regular service visits to maintain equipment and fluids, we get to see how they are using the Torrent 500, and it is a perfect fit.”