by Dom Wiseman

Tohatsu are well known for their no nonsense approach to outboard engines with a strong following the result of a combination of Two Stroke, Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection and Four Stroke power options.

In a first for the company, they have taken a new approach and invested in Four Stroke power plants powered by LPG.

The result of extensive dealer and market research, Tohatsu have identified a market for a small portable outboard running on LPG, perfect for caravaners, car toppers/campers and small sailboats all of whom are extremely mobile and in the case of the caravan and camping market who often carry LPG.

The other benefits, aside from only having to carry one fuel source, are low emissions, fuel economy and reduced maintenance which is important in often remote locations where fuel related issues can occur. The ”Propane” as it will be known will retain all the standard features of the petrol MFS5C which features large carry handle and front mounted shift level. The through propeller exhaust reduces noise.

Added safety features include fuel regulators, shut off valves and the necessary LPG fittings to ensure safe operation. The proprietary Safety Fuel shut-off valve keeps propane fuel from continuously running when engine is not in use.

Expected to arrive in late May 2017, the 5 horsepower model will be available in 15, 20 and 25 inch shaft lengths with the 20 and 25 available in Tohatsu’s Sail Drive configuration consisting of a high thrust propeller plus 12 volt, 60 watt, 5 amps alternator capable of charging a battery or powering electrical equipment.

Tohatsu claim the new LPG outboard, nominated for an innovation award at the Miami International Boat Show, will run for a full 5 hours at WOT on a single 11lb tank with no reduction in performance.