by Dom Wiseman

The recent highly successful world premiere of a totally new concept in luxury sport yacht design, the new Maritimo X60, has prompted a series of mini boat shows to highlight the vessel stretching from the Gold Coast to Sydney. They got underway in June but there are still chances to climb aboard this amazing craft.

The premiere at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show marked the first of many displays of the X 60 and X- Series throughout 2018, including  further appearances at exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, is now set to hit the high seas with boat shows all along the east coast between the Gold Coast and Sydney before the vessel is featured at the Sydney International Boat Show in August.

“We will be having pop-up or mini boat show displays at marinas all down the east coast and our dealer partners in each location are eager to get the chance to show their prospective buyers through the vessel first hand,” said Maritimo’s lead designer Tom Barry-Cotter.

“The response to this vessel internationally has been one of the best of any model we have introduced in our 15 year history.”

Barry-Cotter said development has also commenced on the next model within the X-Series Range, a Maritimo X50 – which the company is closely guarding until its introduction at Sydney International Boat Show with its world premiere scheduled for 2019.

Integral in X-Series design is the versatile aft cabin space that enables high levels of custom-ability for owners to cater to the space to their specific requirements. Inherent in both the X60 and X50, the space enables an additional cabin accessible from saloon and swim platform, that can be arranged as Beach Club, Additional Stateroom, Tender Garage, Euro Galley and other custom options.

With units already in production, bound for new homes in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe, he credits the early momentum in sales to the value added into the design’s increased accommodation spaces to that of its competitors.  The first X60 will leave Sydney mid August bound for its new home in Auckland, New Zealand, in an epic 100 hour plus journey.

“The additional aft cabin is completely unique and is resonating with buyers within the sport motor yacht market. Its ability to add extra accommodation space that is similar in size to an additional master cabin in terms of volume, is clearly something special,” he said.

The mini boat shows are as follows:- Saturday July 21, D’Albora Marina; Monday July 23, Sydney Harbour; Thursday July 26, North Sydney, East Sydney and the Sydney CBD.

The x 60 will then hold pride of place at the Maritimo display for the Sydney International Boat Show.