by Steve Lague

As we have said many times Boat Shows are a great place to not only see all the latest models and designs on the market but to also learn more about new technology and products. And with a far greater emphasis on lifestyle today they are also becoming a great avenue for learning about how to use your vessel safely, where you can take it and the best way to get there.

Then of course there are the fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, fishing demonstrations and at shows like the Boating Festival which will be held on the Gold Coast in March, you can even register to attend a number of different classes that cover everything from basic maintenance to complex navigation.

But it seems our friends in England have taken, the active participation, to another level.

At the Southampton Boat Show last September they attempted to create a new world record for the largest human image of a boat. To achieve the record they invited patrons to participate and provided them with a red or blue poncho.

They managed to attract 370 people to participate in the event and then took a photo, using a drone, of the group.

It has taken a few months for the Guinness Book of Records to get back to show organisers and confirm the record (I reckon the hold-up may have been the long debate on whether or not it actually looked like a boat – maybe they build them different over there) but last week they got the tick and the Southampton Boat Show is now a “record breaking show.”

With the Australian boat show season just around the corner, it kicks off with the Festival of Boating and the Gold Coast International Boat Show in Coomera on March 17-19, there has to be an opportunity to take that title away from the British and bring it Down Under.

It is just a thought.