by Dom Wiseman

Yamaha Motor Australia held the official reveal event of its brand new V8 425 XTO Offshore motor at this year’s super successful, Perth International Boat Show between 21 September and 24 September 2018. The Yamaha stand had two outboard motors on display, including a cut-away version.

The new 425-horsepower V8 engine is mammoth and was designed with the objective of delivering extreme power and thrust, combined with a fully integrated power and control system. The V8 425 XTO has a 5.6 litre, naturally aspirated engine, engineered to drive large props for maximum thrust.

This high horsepower engine delivers more than just extreme power, with Yamaha also introducing a range of new technologies. Yamaha has developed the first ever four-stroke direct fuel injection powerhead. This powerhead delivers the highest compression ratio of any outboard, which gives the V8 425 XTO major performance capability, only made possible through direct injection.

Yamaha exclusively designed a large diameter XTO OS Propeller to match the power of the V8 425 XTO engine. The large bladed surface area means that when blade and water meet, they create magic. Delivering an extreme thrust for excellent acceleration, the XTO OS Propeller will see you both cruising and at top-end speeds.

Yamaha have put in an extreme amount of forethought into the design of the V8 425 XTO, including the needs of the customer well into the future. Engine care and accessibility were top of mind in the design stages. Yamaha introduced an in-water gear lubricant change-out system, which means that the outboard can be serviced while the boat is still on the water, saving the customer on enormously expensive haul out costs. The multi-part cowling system also provides added convenience by allowing quick and easy access to key parts of the outboard.

This extreme 425-horsepower V8 engine is incredibly sleek and stylish. It is a compact design and gleans in the water.